Yggdrasil clock

Wooden clock designed with Yggdrasil and Elder Futhark

The branches of Yggdrasil extend all over the world and its three roots to different parts. The first root goes to the world of humans Midgård, the second root goes to the world of giants Utgård and the third root goes to the underground, the goddess Hel´s dead kingdom, Nifelhel. In Asgård, at the top of Yggdrasil’s crown, is the residence of the gods.

The clock is made entirely of aged oak wood with beautiful grain.

The grain is exposed and highlighted by brushing the wood and giving it a 3D look. The wood is stained with Bismarck Brown stain made by us according to an ancient recipe and protected with 3 layers of hot beeswax. The tree motif is made in the bas-relief technique.

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  • Diameter- 28 cm
  • Thickness- 2,2 cm
  • Weight- 1000 grams