The magical world of runes

Many customers that buy our runes ask if we can teach about the runes from a magical perspective.

In my role as a Norse Priestess, the runes are a big part of my life – and not least from a magical perspective. Learning about the runes as a writing system and interpreting the runic writings on our old runestones is fascinating in itself. Written messages in stone from our Old Norse ancestors give us a chance to get a small glimpse of events that happened over 1000 years ago. I live right next to Kungshållet’s burial site in Eskilstuna, Sweden, a powerful Viking place that vibrates with strong energy. On the 3.3 meter high runestone that stands here I can read about Spjut (Spear) which is honoured by Alrik and Sigrid. Sigrid did also build a bridge at the place of the famous Sigurd Carving, a short distance from Kungshållets burial site. By being able to read what is carved in the runestone, I get an unique opportunity to meet these people. My ancestors, who lived in the same place where I chose to settle down.

Runestone Sö 106 in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

The runestone stands on a burial field where today there are about 100 mounds and 22 standing stones left. Probably there was a thing site here during the Middle Ages.

The runes tells us: ”Alrík, Sigríd’s son, raised the stone in memory of his father Spear, who had been in the west, broken down and fought in townships. He knew all the journey’s fortresses.”

This runestone is dated to the Viking age, year 1010 – 1050 AD.

The word rune means secret or hidden

But apart from the fact that the runes are writing characters and have their literal meaning, I have always felt the vibrating power of the runes as if they want to tell me something deeper. I have felt that there is so much more to the runes than just the visible surface.

Not everyone can see behind the visible surface of the runes, and maybe many people reject the magic of the runes because they will never be able to see anything more than “only” carved letters. If you do not want to see anything more, you have also made your conscious choice to close the door to the magic of the runes.

There is a lot of literature regarding rune magic, as well as courses at different levels. And it’s great to study and learn more from different directions, but what I want to highlight as the most important thing when it comes to the magic behind the runes is to understand that it’s something you find in yourself. It is a highly personal journey that you need to make and give time to.

Travel with your runes, meditate with them, sleep with them and let them accompany you to your dream kingdom. Spend time with your runes and let them be a part of you and your everyday life. Learn to reflect in the runes and be patient. In time, you will see how much each rune has to tell you.

The one-eyed Allfather

In Norse mythology we learn that Odin sacrifices himself during 9 days and nights, pierced by a spear and hanging from one of Yggdrasil’s branches. Here he learned great wisdom and discovered the runes.

And of course we can only speculate about what it was that Odin saw in the runes. What it was that meant so much to him so it was worth sacrificing himself the way he did. We can feel how the magic vibrates in all the stories about Odin and his struggle to reach the secret behind the runes.

Keys to the Elder Futhark

I want to give a key to each rune in the Elder Futhark which is the most common futhark to work with when it comes to Norse rune magic. But remember that these keys are just a small glimpse of the runes’ magical world. The biggest job you have to do yourself. There is no right or wrong, just be open minded and listen to the messages that come to you.