The Priestess

As a Norse Priestess, I live and work in harmony with the Goddess and the Moon’s cycles. I travel with the help of seidr in Völvan’s red weave and weave together my threads of wisdom, balance, and feminine primordial power. 

My spiritual journey began as a small child where I had no other choice than to create my own path in life. My spiritual life developed as my physical life was taken away from me. I learned early on to see things that others didn’t notice. My intuition grew stronger and I developed a natural openness and receptivity to everything that was hidden from the eye. My inner vision I gained already as a small child has contributed to my abilities, both to help myself and to be a support to others. 

”And it was there, in Hel’s deepest darkness,

that I would gain the greatest knowledge of Völvan’s secret heritage.”

I was only 5 years old when I first got to stand face to face with our dark goddess of death Hel and travel down into her realm of the dead. I remember that ice-cold fear that hugged my heart so hard I could not breathe. I did not know that I would return to Hel’s dark halls countless times and that her realm of the dead would become a part of who I am. And it was there, in Hel’s deepest darkness, that I would gain the greatest knowledge of Völvan’s secret heritage. The Norns have everything in the weave for each of us. And if I had understood what the Norns had in mind for me when I was so small, I would never have been able to take it in. Overnight I was brutally attacked by an extreme evil and painful illness that started to break down my body. From that night on, I was no longer a free five-year-old child, I was trapped in my own body and I would never get back to what I once had. It was the price I had to pay and will continue to pay, to reach the knowledge of Völvan’s secret heritage. It was also my initiation and opening to a world I never would have entered if it wasn’t for the fact that my physical life was taken away from me that night.

”Someone is watching me in the heat of battle,

it is Freya who steps forward and embraces me.”

I have undergone 27 major surgeries and it is a surreal experience to be awake and hear the sound of a saw cutting my bone, a hammer where every blow sends vibration shocks all over my skeleton and nervous system. I scream inside and suddenly I see myself fallen in the dirt on the battlefield where chaos and death reign. Someone is watching me in the heat of battle, it is Freya who steps forward and embraces me. She conveys words to me, words of ancient healing wisdom. A burning warmth grows within me. I lie still on the ground with a fixed gaze up and see dark clouds pass by. It’s starting to rain and my face is getting wet. Suddenly someone gently wipes my face but I do not understand why the rain is red. I’m now back in the surgery room, another battlefield, and realize that it’s my blood that splashed around with every hammer blow to my sawn-off bone. 

I have found myself in a totally surreal world where I have to switch on all my primordial power so as not to lose myself. Keep my focus and distinguish between what is my soul and my physical body. In this struggle, I have always felt Freya’s presence. She has been by my side and breathed her life force into me when I have been falling. She has sat patiently by my hospital bed and urged me to fight, to never give up, and to give that little extra even though I often felt that I had nothing more to give. She shook’s me hard and fills me with a strong force of fighting spirit. To never give up! 

I feel my Viking blood pulsating in my veins.

Today I know when I lie there beaten down on the battlefield, it’s time for me to travel again into Hel’s realm of death and be transformed. Deep into the darkness, to face all my fears and confront everything that is not beautiful. But I also know that in Hel’s realm of death, it’s entirely up to me whether I should return to the light again, or whether I should encapsulate myself and remain there in the dark. For a while, I can lie there and get my eyes used to the darkness. Reflect and feel Hel’s presence sweeping around me. But both Hel and I know that I can’t stay there. I’m going up again, back to the light, and do all I’m meant to do. So I get up and fight back like the warrior I am. I feel my Viking blood pulsating in my veins. And I will come back – stronger, wiser, and more humble, facing life’s fine balance between light and darkness. 

From everything I went through in my life, it became a completely natural step for me to walk the Priestess’ path and dedicate myself to Freya as her Priestess. I was educated for three years and thanks to that journey I got to tie together everything I already had with me during my life journey. And this is where I belong in my calling as Freya’s Priestess with Völvan’s deep vision. 

The role of the Norse Priestess is largely about being able to keep energy and power, so she in that security can work outwards with her wisdom to be a support for her fellow human beings, through healing guidance and creative coaching. This also includes offering and creating alternative ceremonies with Mother Earth and the Norse deities in focus. 

Herbs, flowers and runes

Herbal medicine and flower therapy is something that is very close to my heart. To be in the middle of colorful flowers and aromatic herbs, and to feel how all my senses are present – that energy is unbeatable and inspires me in everything I do and create. 

The runes have always followed me and during my life journey, I have created a strong and close bond with them. They have opened so many doors for me and I listen carefully to their hidden message. It is with great respect and honor that I bless the runes, and I am deeply grateful for the trust I have received in guiding others with the help of the runes. 

Freya is in me – the Warrior who never gives up and the Lover who loves life. 

Blessings / Månstråle