Skånehammaren from Sweden

An iconic find from the Viking Age

This unique hammer was made as a necklace and carries many secrets. Most people know that the hammer stands for the god Thor. The clear beak in the middle of the hammer belongs to a bird of prey and is interpreted as a raven. The raven we know is strongly associated with Odin who lets his ravens Hugin and Munin fly over the nine worlds in search of news.

But do you see more animals?

If you study the top of the hammer shaft, you will probably be able to distinguish two beasts. There are two wild boars with open mouths where the necklace is threaded through.

The boar Gullinborsti is mentioned in Norse mythology as Freys companion. Freya also has a boar called Hildesvin and the idea is tempting if the two boars represent both Frey and Freya!

A powerful hammer that can represent at least four Norse gods/goddesses Thor, Odin, Frey and Freya in the same piece of jewelry. An interpretation among many others.

This hammer was unknown to the public until 1895 when a private collection from Skåne was donated to the History Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our wooden lamp is based on the archaeological find of the Skånehammaren pendant.

The picture shows the original hammer and belongs to the Historical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.