Månstråles Gudinnedroppar - Norse Goddess's herb mixtures

Vibrating Norse Goddess Power

We offer a unique combination of Swedish Goddess Power and Fine Wood Craftsmanship.

Work with the Norse Goddess’s eight different faces, like a journey through the Wheel of the Year, all packed in a uniquely designed wooden box for your altar. Månstråles Gudinnedroppar includes eight unique herb mixtures filled with vibrating Norse Goddess Power from Sweden.

The mixtures can be used as energy boosters, a way to get closer to the Norse Goddess’s different faces, at ceremonies, blot, ritual work, sejd (seidr), soul travels, meditations or wherever you feel that you need to strengthen yourself in your power and inner balance.

Description of the mixtures:

Hel – Transformation
Goddess of Death and Darkness
Hel´s mixture strengthens energies in all types of change, rebirth and confrontation with our shadow sides.

Skade – Contemplation
Goddess of Winter and Wisdom
Skade´s mixture lifts energies of stillness, grounding and contemplation.

Saga – Inspiration
Goddess of Dawn and Hope
Saga´s mixture is very beneficial to use in healing. Gives hope and inspiration to light the first spark.

Idun – Restart
Goddess of Spring and Air
Idun´s mixture highlights new fresh energy. Supports all forms of start-up and planning.

Freja – Power
Goddess of Passion and Love
Freja´s mixture gives passionate love, power and fertility.

Sunna – Balance
Goddess of Sun and Creativity
Sunna´s mixture highlights energies of balance, harmony and creative glow.

Frigga – Wealth
Goddess of Abundance and Motherhood
Frigga´s mixture gives caring energies, generosity and wealth.

Ran – Reflection
Goddess of Water and Emotions
Ran´s mixture gives compassion, contact with our soulful depth and inner reflection.

The herbs for each Goddess in Månstråles Gudinnedroppar have been selected during a mighty sejd (seidr) work by me in my role as a Priestess. All selected herbs that I have used grow on a powerful Viking place, right next to where I live – a burial ground with 115 ancient remains with vibrating strong energy.

Here you can listen to whispers in the atmosphere of our Viking ancestors. On the 3.3 meter high rune stone, Sigrid is mentioned, the woman who also built the bridge at the Sigurd Carving – the impressive rune carving from the 11th century. Mighty woman power!

Contents of a 30 ml bottle:
Swedish Herbal Essences from a powerful Viking age burial ground, natural spring water and cognac.

The mixtures are made to be used internal without any risk of side effects.
For internal use, drop 4 drops under the tongue.
For external use, moisten acupressure points.
Also works to drop on objects during ceremonial work or as a sacrificial gift in blot to deities and Mother Earth.

Our boxes are made of very special wood.

It is a Taborska pine, a tree that grows only in one place in the world. This is the Miłomłyn forest district in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in Poland.
These are huge trees 30-40 m high and up to 1m in diameter. The wood is very dense and with a high resin content.
In the 16th century it was bought by England, France, Sweden and other countries as material for masts of sailing ships.

The boxes are made of solid material and are aged, stained with Bismarck brown stain, made by Fehu Crafts according to an old recipe and then impregnated with beeswax. The wood is very smooth and the inside of the box smells of the pine resin.
All materials used are purely natural.

Information brochure included.
The weight including the bottles is 1,9 kg

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 320 mm
  • Width- 180 mm
  • Thickness- 60 mm
  • Total Weight- 1900 grams

Dimensions of bottles:

  • Height- 110 mm
  • Volume- 30 ml
  • Bottle with pipette
Etsy customer
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I ordered the Gudinnedroppar set from Månstråle because I needed just the right product for the my Wheel of the year celebrations and consecrating new runes. The product arrived in record time for Yule and was carefully packed. I immediately tried out one of the mixtures and was thrilled. The carved box makes it extra special and I hope I will be able to order refills. Thank you Månstråle for meeting my needs so perfectly.
Etsy customer
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I just love this item and use the goddess drops for all my ceremonies. Thank you Månstråle for this creation.
Etsy customer
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I loved the item so well I ordered several more as gifts. Beautiful craftsmanship and the drops are incredible. Thank you.