Freya - Brisingamen lamp

Wooden lamp designed with Freya and her Brisingamen

Our wooden lamp is based on an archaeological find of the Freya pendant from the 10th century that was found in a silver treasure in Östergötland (Hagebyhöga), Sweden. In this silver treasure was a silver pendant that shows a sitting woman with a wide necklace around her neck. This type of necklace was used only by the most prominent women during the Viking Age and interpretations have therefore been made that it is Freya and her powerful and glowing necklace Brísingamen that is depicted.

Interpretations of this find tell us about the Norse Goddess Freya with her precious necklace Brísingamen, which was the most beautiful piece of jewelry in the world, and many wanted to possess it. She holds her arms around her pregnant belly, which would symbolize that she is a fertility goddess and protector of all life. As a circle around Freya, we see her powerful necklace Brísingamen, which brings the interpretations to strong protection.

Further interpretations tell us that Freya wears a characteristic suit, consisting of a wide coat and a long skirt underneath, which, just like the suit sleeves, is adorned with pearl edges. At the ”back button buckle” near the neck, she is adorned with several pearl jewelry. On her head, Freya wears a tiara-like headdress. Her posture is majestic and there is calm resting over her where she sits and is one with life growing inside her belly.

Let us tell the story of Freya’s glowing necklace Brísingamen by our fire.

This lamp is a fine piece of art even without the light being on, but when you turn it on the magic happens right in front of your eyes.

It is made entirely of aged oak wood with beautiful grain.

The grain is exposed and highlighted by brushing the wood and giving it a 3D look. The wood is stained with Bismarck Brown stain made by us according to an ancient recipe and protected with 3 layers of hot beeswax. The Freya motif is made in the bas-relief technique and is illuminated by LEDs placed discreetly around the perimeter of the frame. Thanks to this, every detail of the relief is highly exposed, and the play of light gives it a magical character. The light of the lamp is very pleasant and cozy because we can only see the light reflected from the relief.

You can easily take this lamp outdoors and use it wherever you want. Take it out into the garden, on the trip or to the campfire when you are out in nature. Use it at blots, ceremonies or other holidays and make your occasion a little extra magical.

Use it together with a regular USB power supply and experience the lamp’s magical light in the evening and at dawn.

The lamp is not made to withstand water or rain.

The lamp is powered by 5V DC, which means that it can be connected to the USB port of any device or to a telephone power supply. A USB cable is included. LED lifetime is over 5000 hours, but even after this time, the LED strip can be replaced, because the lamp can be easily disassembled and assembled back.

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  • Height- 23 cm
  • Width- 19 cm
  • The dimensions of the base ellipse are: 12.5 x 6 cm
  • Weight- 300 grams