Fehu rune lamp

Wooden lamp designed with a Fehu rune

This lamp is a fine piece of art even without the light being on, but when you turn it on the magic happens right in front of your eyes. It gives very discreet and cozy light.

You can easily take this lamp outdoors and use it wherever you want. Take it out into the garden, on the trip or to the campfire when you are out in nature. Use it at blots, ceremonies or other holidays and make your occasion a little extra magical.

Use it together with a regular USB power supply and experience the lamp’s magical light in the evening and at dawn.

The lamp is powered by 5V DC, which means that it can be connected to the USB port of any device or to a telephone power supply. A USB cable is included. The lamp is not made to withstand water or rain.

Made from aged pine wood, stained with Bismarck brown stain and sealed with beeswax.

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Let us tell about the Fehu rune by our fire


  • Height- 24 cm
  • Width- 14,5 cm
  • Thickness- 2,7 cm
  • Weight- 300 grams