Elder Futhark runes in a box

An exclusive box for everyone who works with runes

We are proud to offer you our first and best selling set of Elder Futhark Runes in a box.

We have two options to choose from:

  • Valknut
  • Aegishjalmur / The Helm of Awe

The rune tiles are made from aged oak wood. They are precisely engraved.
They are also slightly aged, stained with a Bismarck Brown stain, made by us according to an ancient recipe. The tiles are extremely smooth, yet they have an antique look.

Each rune has a hole for use also as a pendant.

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 330 mm
  • Width- 185 mm
  • Thickness- 40 mm
  • Weight- 1300 grams
  • Valknut or Aegishjalmur design

Dimensions of the runes:

  • Approximately- 43×30 mm
  • Thickness- 7 mm
  • The runes can also be used as pendant
  • Both the box and the runes are sealed with beeswax.
Etsy customer
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I've had my eye on this box of runes for awhile since I have other sets of runes, but I am so glad I bought this! It is a wonderful way to study the runes. I set it on my lap and I can touch and study the runes and set them out on the lid. Of course, they are beautiful to handle and touch but it is so nice to have them laid out before me in a beautiful box that keeps them in place. Wonderful!
Etsy customer
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Absolutely beautiful; exquisite craftsmanship from the carvings to the handmade finishing. These Runes carry very strong, clear energy. These were purchased as a gift for a friend and were very clear in letting me know exactly when was the right time to present to him. He immediately felt their energy and I know will be well cared for and passed down to his children. Thank you for all the love and devotion you put into your work. We can definitely feel your energy as well.