Elder Futhark runes - 1000 year old oak wood

Powerful runes

These sets are being made from a very special wood. It is not just an oak wood. It comes from a piece of around 1000 years old, huge oak tree. Some time ago this tree was unfortunately struck by a storm and broke almost in half. One half is still alive, but another was dead and I was lucky to buy it.

From the first moment we knew what we are going to make from this wood. Runes. Only the runes! What product would be more worthy of such a historical piece of material.

Few sets will be made

We hope You will like this set and that many of You will decide to get it from us. We know it will serve You well with its powers. There will be very few sets made.

The runes come in a linen pouch.

The rune tiles are made from oak wood. They are precisely engraved. They are stained with a Bismarck Brown stain, made by us according to an ancient recipe. The tiles are extremely smooth, yet they have an antique look.

Each rune has dimensions: 43 x 30 x 7 mm
Weight: 180 grams