Elder Futhark Mini runes - Travel set

The perfect gift to someone special

Mini set of Elder Futhark Runes in a beautiful wooden box. It is a little jewel among all our rune sets.

Crafted from one piece of solid oak wood with outstanding precision and care about details. It is heirloom quality.

It can be carried in a pocket, or purse. And it’s perfect to take with you when you go out and travel. They runes are very small, but still easy to handle.

As most of our products it is slightly aged and both the box and the rune tiles have unique color, due to use of Bismarck Brown stain which is all natural product made by us.

The set is sealed with beeswax and is silky smooth. The box has a hinged lid and a leather latch.

We believe this rune set could make a perfect gift to someone special.

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 175 mm
  • Width- 110 mm
  • Thickness- 32 mm
  • Weight- 330 grams

Dimensions of the runes:

  • Approximately- 22×17 mm
  • Thickness- 6 mm
  • Both the box and the runes are sealed with beeswax.
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