Elder Futhark Lunar runes

Women`s power

Precisely engraved Elder Futhark Runes in a beautiful wooden box designed as a crescent moon. A magical piece of jewelry for your altar, and every moon priestess’s dream to work with these powerful Lunar runes.

The rune tiles are made from oak wood. They are slightly aged, stained with a Bismarck Brown stain, made by us according to an ancient recipe. The tiles are extremely smooth, yet they have an antique look.

The set is sealed with beeswax.

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 230 mm
  • Width- 120 mm
  • Thickness- 43 mm
  • Weight- 330 grams

Dimensions of the runes:

  • Diameter- 27 mm
  • Thickness- 6 mm
  • Both the box and the runes are sealed with beeswax.