Elder Futhark Limited edition runes in a box


Reyn Til Runa translates to “Seek the Mysteries”

This is a new edition of our best selling Elder Futhark Rune set.
It was designed in cooperation with my very good friend- Stefn Thorsman. He came up with an idea of the name for the set, engraving Stanza 142 inside the box. Provided runes symbols.

We decided to make these new sets as a limited edition.

There will be only 100 sets made.

These sets are being made from a very special wood. It is not just an oak wood. It comes from a piece of around 1000 years old , huge oak tree. Some time ago this tree was unfortunately struck by a storm and broke almost in half. One half is still alive, but another was dead and I was lucky to buy it.

From the first moment we knew what we are going to make from this wood. Runes. Only the runes! What product would be more worthy of such a historical piece of material.

We hope You will like this set and many of You will decide to get it from us. We know it will serve You well with its powers.

The rune tiles are made from oak wood. They are precisely engraved.
They are also slightly aged, stained with a Bismarck Brown stain, made by us according to an ancient recipe. The tiles are extremely smooth.

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 330 mm
  • Width- 185 mm
  • Thickness- 40 mm
  • Weight- 1600 grams

Dimensions of the runes:

  • Approximately- 43×30 mm
  • Thickness- 7 mm
  • Both the box and the runes are sealed with beeswax.

This box is Sold Out and no longer available to buy.

Etsy customer
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I've had my eye on this shop for a long time, and when I saw that they were doing these sets, I knew I had to have one. I got mine the other day...and my gods, it took my breath away. The box alone is stunning, then you open it up and see the runes, which are clearly crafted with care and so much detail, it's insane. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I will absolutely be buying more from this shop as I love the fact that they do runes the old way, not the mainstream manufactured way!
Etsy customer
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This product left me speechless. The box has such details and so much meaning has been put in this masterpiece by this artist. It is a pleasure working with this limited edition rune set.
Etsy customer
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This is the most beautiful set I've seen made with love from the creator and the tree that died to provide.
Etsy customer
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Phenomenal craftsmanship. The runes are exactly as advertised. They practically sing with potential. Extremely satisfied. Would not hesitate to purchase from this artist again.