Elder Futhark Children runes - Educational set

Fehu Crafts wants to inspire all children to the magical world of runes!

We want children to remember the impression of the first contact with the runes. Therefore we want them to feel the runes with all their senses. The smell of wood resin which reminds of the forest. The visual effect of a beautiful wood, which is boosted with the process of brushing to get 3D texture of the wood grain. Both the box and the runes feel silky smooth at the touch.

The rune symbols and ornaments are deeply and beautifully engraved. Everything is sealed with the beeswax to protect from getting dirty and to get extra smooth surface.

Each rune tile has a different shape and fits only into one place in the box, like a puzzle. This place has the name of the rune engraved on the bottom. These ways children put the runes in proper places, learn their position and their names. It will be a playful and stimulating way for the child to get to know each rune.

Only the best quality wood is selected for this product.

Our runes and boxes are made from one piece of very special wood. It is a Taborska pine, a tree that grows only in one place in the world. This is the Miłomłyn forest district in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in Poland. These are huge trees 30-40 m high and up to 1m in diameter. The wood is very dense and with a high resin content. In the 16th century it was bought by England, France, Sweden and other countries as material for masts of sailing ships.

Along with the rune set, a linen pouch made from pure linen and an information card with keywords to all 24 runes are also included, written by Fehu Crafts Norse Priestess Månstråle.

Dimensions of the box:

  • Length- 345 mm
  • Width- 185 mm
  • Thickness- 40 mm
  • Weight- 1000 grams

Dimensions of the runes:

  • Approximately- 48×40 mm
  • Thickness- 10 mm
    These are quite big tiles and they are easy to handle by children.