About Us

Fehu Crafts is a small size firm in Poland, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, run by Sławomir Taranowicz and Månstråle Otternäs. A magical team between a Slav and a Viking.

We create unique wooden products inspired by the history of Slavs and Vikings where the runes are our greatest specialty. Fehu Crafts offers a wide range of the Elder and the Younger Futhark in exclusive wooden boxes, runes in miniature format and runes specially adapted for children with an educational purpose. We also create powerful altar decorations inspired by Norse mythology.

In our work we incorporate the glorious tradition of Polish hand-made crafts and we use all known traditional and modern joinery techniques.

As a partner to Sławomir, I know the vibrating energy that flows from his magic craftsmanship. He is a passionate and dedicated joiner who puts both heart and soul into his creation. This means that all our products are characterized by quality and precision in every detail. Sławomir has been involved in the furniture industry for 40 years where he produced exclusive solid wood furniture and other high quality wood products. He is the third generation to work professionally with wood and has extensive experience and knowledge of his craft.

And the runes brought us togheter

Together we have formed a unique bond that opened the door to a collaborative creative flow, where we inspire each other through our life experiences. I live and work in Sweden as a dedicated Norse Priestess with knowledge of old Norse Völva magic and ancient mysteries. Ceremonies, spiritual guidance, herbal medicine, flower therapy and runes are part of my work as a Priestess. All interwoven with the Love of Mother Earth.

The Runemaker from Poland and the Priestess from Sweden resulted in a magical team and an exciting partnership that reflects everything we design and create in Fehu Crafts – with love, passion and magic.

Månstråle Otternäs